“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Leo Tolstoy

Spring at KWD is a time for planning projects, designing details and exploring progressive palettes. Inspired by the season, we dream of soft warm breezes and succulent stone fruits, and build new hues into fresh colour stories. Shades of ripened apricots and peaches weave their way into custom furniture, signature fabrics and innovative detailing, with a balanced and sophisticated backdrop of tonal textures. As always, our design intent brings the outdoors in, and stone fruit shades echo warmth and reflect spectacular spring sunrises and sunsets.

Obsession: Stone Fruit Colour Crush

Image: MC&CO Trend


So much to love about the irregular mixture of marble, granite and quartz stone pieces that make terrazzo visually dynamic with universal and timeless appeal. The playful speckled composition works  so well, adding colour with a soothing whimsy. We designed this fresh, cocooning primary ensuite for our clients who wanted a practical, peaceful space that honoured their love of Danish design. The gentle curves of soft timber within the vanity augment the blush tones of our stunning KWD & Co. Pavlova terrazzo to create an oasis with a beautiful feminine essence. As seen in House & Garden magazine. 
Build: Montique Construction / Shoot styling: Julia Green / Photography: Armelle Habib


There’s an inviting synergy between terracotta’s warm and dusky tones and shades of apricot with vibrant and earthy orange undertones. These rich and tactile hues are surprisingly versatile, the bold colours operating as a neutral tone. Keep it simple with warm whites, dusty pinks and a spectrum of green highlights.  These colours works so well together with neutrals, warm browns and organic textures, or  juxtaposed with bold primary colors and neon colors, for a contemporary palette.


Part of the process when designing a renovation project for clients is helping them allocate their spend. Sometimes we encourage clients to retain original elements of a home, particularly if they are still in good order. The guest bathrooms in our Point Leo project had very little use over the 30 years of the home’s history. We encouraged our clients to leave these bathrooms untouched, and to potentially tackle them down the track. We took inspiration from the colour palette of the original bathrooms and worked that into the remaining areas we redesigned. Not redoing two bathrooms meant there was more money to throw at the kitchen, ensuite and living spaces, resulting in better finishes, and a higher-level spec. This original bathroom is still as relevant today as it was when the home was built. Sure, the taps and tiles could be updated, but it all still works so well, and still looks beautiful. 


Restorative and optimistic, stone fruit shades bring love and life to a room with an earthiness that engenders a sense of familiarity and belonging. A happy and contented colour palette, shades of apricot and peach play well with contemporary tones. The luminous yet subtle quality offers a refreshing and versatile contrast ideal for textural layering and enriching a space that stimulates the sense of touch.  Hard finishes available from KWD & Co. – Plymonth European Oak timber flooring, Casablanca Terracotta tiles, Arabescato Antico marble and Penny Round marble mosaics. 


Joyful and nourishing, Apricot Crush is  the Colour of the year 2024 according to WGSN+Coloro: “A restorative, refreshing and energetic hue, which is perfect as we grapple with a range of emotions and uneasiness about the future. Cultivating a hopeful and positive mindset has become a powerful coping mechanism for consumers. Care, connection and community underpin our Colour of the Year, which also calls to mind the nutritional properties of vitamin and antioxidant rich oranges and apricots.  Apricot Crush brings a fruity injection of energy and colour whilst mainting a subtle softness.” WGSN is a leading consumer trend forecaster providing global trend insights to understand consumer behaviour and lifestyles:

Image: WGSN


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