As I look back on 10 years of KWD, I can clearly see that our diverse project portfolio is representative of a design studio that focuses on spaces to be lived in. Togetherness and functionality blend effortlessly with aesthetics and materiality to create harmonious and effortless interiors that resonate on a deeper level. This is what we strive for, regardless of the budget, the  design style or the location. Connectedness plays a pivotal role in our designs, transcending aesthetics  to create a sense of unity and belonging . Our goal is always the same, to make a house feel like a home for  our clients.

Obsession: Connection


When Nicole and Ross bought their house in 2017, the original Federation residence had been renovated a number of times. Their brief to KWD was for a warm, inviting, functional and practical house for a family of seven that was still beautiful to look at. Every room in the home was refreshed and updated, all fixtures and fittings were replaced, and vintage-style tapware was installed to reference the period of the house without being a slave to style. Everything was designed with comfort and connection in mind. Today, the whole family enjoys every second in their renovated home. “I can honestly say this is my dream home. I just love every single element of it,” says Nicole.

Pictured: Olivia, Ben, Mitchell, Imogen and Max.


Steve and Lucy Cahill of Cahill Building Group wanted to create an environment that was beautiful to look at and to be in, somewhere with warmth and soul. “We knew what architectural style we wanted and had a vision for the floor plan, but we needed KWD’s direction and input on all the hard finishes and the colour palette. We wanted to be pushed out of our comfort zone so we could create something very exciting and new. Kate Walker helped us focus on the best aesthetic for what we wanted to achieve. She had this incredible way of drawing out exactly what was inside my head that I found difficult to express or explain. I absolutely love everything that Kate and her team have created.” Lucy Cahill

 Pictured:  The Cahill family – Lucy, Steve, Hunter, Huxley and Fleur


Building a brand new house with magnificent views on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula gave owners Laura and Tom the chance to create the home of their dreams. The brief was for functionality that could evolve with the family, whilst reflecting the coastal location, maximising the views and allowing for an outdoor lifestyle. Light, breezy and welcoming, the interiors have a contemporary edge softened by coastal colours inspired by Mother Nature – a perfect blend of natural timber tones, fresh green hues and the colours of the sea. The coastal connectivity is perfection in this home.

Pictured:  Laura and Tom with their two young children.


When they bought their Geelong property in 2013, Tennille and Rob knew the house had character and could see the potential, but they hadn’t envisaged the time and effort required to restore and update a period home. KWD was engaged to design their dream home with bespoke furniture throughout inspired by London’s luxurious Firmdale Hotels. The interior palette took cues from twin daughters, Olivia and Lucia, and their favourite shades of pinks and purples. Upstairs, these shades are playful and childlike. Downstairs they are carried through in a more sophisticated way with saturated spaces and coloured wallpaper, paint and tiles. “The colour schemes resonate with our children and every room speaks to us,” says Tennille. “This house totally represents our family and there’s not a thing I would change.

 Pictured:  Tennille, Rob, Lucia and Olivia 


This beautifully reinvigorated Victorian seaside home continues to delight its owners every day. Since deciding on an impulse nearly 30 years ago to take the leap from Melbourne and move to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, homeowners Lynne and Ron haven’t looked back. Now their home has been given a stunning update by KWD, becoming the epitome of relaxed coastal-country style. The overall aim was to refresh the property whilst being sensitive to the original design because the owners had put a lot of love into every feature. Lynne and Ron are delighted that their home once again brims with style, character and purpose.

Pictured: Lynne and Ron Pedder with their border collies, Millie and Mac.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved interior design. From my early years growing up in a family of seven children where it was difficult to find a place of your own, my mother created a special space for each of us. Her incredible design talent influenced me in ways I didn’t understand at the time. Everything she touched turned into something beautiful, from the fabrics she selected to the memorabilia she collected, she instinctively knew how to make a house a home. And now ten years into the journey of KWD, I know that I carry that desire to instil warmth and a sense of connectedness in the homes I design. Of course I want an interior to be visually appealing and to create an impact in terms of design excellence, but for me a successful design is so much more than aesthetics and functionality. It’s about how a space makes you feel and the ways in which it stimulates the senses. Creating an interior that moves you emotionally and engenders a visceral response is what makes me strive to be innovative, intuitive and to truly understand how my client’s ultimately want to live in their home. Comfort. Togetherness. Connectedness.”

Kate Walker

Images: Armelle Habib 

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