Kate Walker founded KWD in 2013. Having worked in the tile industry for over 15 years, Kate identified the need for a streamlined solution for busy people who need support with their complete hard finish requirements. With entrepreneurial skills in her DNA, Kate naturally grew the business – seeing opportunities and seizing them with both hands. With an unrivalled network of manufacturers, importers and trades, Kate is now at the helm of a dynamic team of project managers and design enthusiasts.

As well as establishing an enviable relationship with hundreds of contacts in the architectural and interior design industry, Kate has immersed herself in all things design. Keeping abreast of the latest trends comes naturally, as does her innate sense of style.

Kate has travelled the world attending trade fairs and visiting manufacturing sites so that she understands the materials she works with. She knows the source of every tile and stone available in the marketplace from Europe, America or Asia, and can also spec match materials, making sourcing a simple and smooth process. Importantly, Kate builds relationships – with her clients, her contacts and her associates. Collaboration is important to Kate and her team, as is the world of design. For Kate design isn’t what she does, it’s her way of life.

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