“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” Theodore Roosevelt

At KWD we love discussions that stimulate critical thinking – observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, problem solving and decision making. We continually assess our business practices, monitor our project developments, and observe the world from the outside in and from the ground up. And as always, our client’s needs, customer service and job satisfaction for our team are top of mind. Design is all about critical thinking, of finding  new and innovative ways to elevate a space. One of our most valued techniques for taking a room to a whole new level is also from the ground up. We love rugs. Custom or vintage, classic or contemporary, large or layered, rugs establish a strong foundation, offer a sound investment, and create  a work of much-admired art for your floor. Think big!



Rugs play a pivotal role in interior design, significantly impacting the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space. Beyond its practical purpose of providing warmth and comfort underfoot, a well-chosen rug serves as a foundation that ties together various design elements in a room. The magnificent rug featured here at our Kilburn project is a unique creation from one of the world’s most lauded rug designers, Jan Kath. His Boro collection is made from hand-knotted Nepalese highland wool and silk, inspired by old Japanese patchwork techniques where long strips of worn-out fabrics are sewn together to produce exclusive wall hangings. This 400cm x 300cm rug is available now from Cadrys – a multi-generational family business established in 1952 that offers  Australia’s largest collection of collectible, decorative and antique rugs of Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian and European origin. www.cadrys.com.au



A rug introduces texture and adds depth to a room, contrasting with other surfaces and adding visual interest and inviting tactile exploration. More than just a decorative accessory, the right rug elevates the entire design, fosters comfort, and adds character to a space, making it an indispensable element in any well-thought-out interior design. At KWD we have formed valuable relationships with our supply partners who work closely with specialised manufacturers, resulting in our very own KWD & Co. range of rugs that are cut to size or made to order. Our made-to-order rugs, as pictured here at Pt Leo,  are created by Indian artisans whose skills have been handed down from generation to generation, and these rugs are exceptional – both in terms of the quality and the design. There are literally hundreds of template designs to choose from that come in a range of exotic and muted colour tones, so you can select the design that is perfect for you – like selecting a piece of artwork. Enquire here: https://bit.ly/3q32cgn



A well-designed rug can become a focal point, injecting personality and style into a space, infusing vibrant colors or artistic patterns that reflect the homeowner and accentuate the aesthetic. Importantly, rugs also assist with sound insulation and echo reduction, making them a functional addition for room acoustics. Explains Kate Walker, “We love collaborating with incredible partners who value sustainable and ethical trade. So much thought and care has gone into sourcing the manufacturers who we work closely with to produce our beautiful range of rugs. Unique to KWD & Co. our rug collection features wool, silk, tencel and sisal in a range of custom sizes, designs and colours.”  For more information on the KWD & Co. rug range, click here: http://bit.ly/2OkAR2g



Layering rugs of different textures is an effective technique for elevating interiors, drawing the eye and making a space more visually engaging. The combination of various textures adds a sense of complexity and richness to the design, and provides an excellent way to tie in different colors and patterns in the room.  In the Beechwood master suite we featured our KWD & Co. sisal carpet which is the perfect choice if you are looking for a natural floor covering that is also environmentally-friendly. Layering a beautiful custom rug on top of the sisal carpet ensures comfort underfoot as well as playing with the variety of textures and adding a more complex level of visual interest.



At KWD we believe that rugs are a stunning decorative addition and a versatile design tool, as well as being a good investment.  A floor rug that has just the right amount of pattern, colour and texture is the essential ingredient to creating a magical space, and has the power to instantly lift the look and feel of a room. Rugs add movement, colour, comfort and softness, and they ground a space. They define zones in an open-plan area, help with acoustics, feel lovely to walk on and add so much to the aesthetic of a room. The right floor rug should sit quietly in the space, connecting the colours and patterns of the room.

Creating your very own hand-knotted or hand-tufted rug with KWD & Co. is an exciting yet simple process. For the hand-knotted range, you simply select the design that speaks to you and we help determine the tones that will suit your style and your space. These incredible rugs, as pictured here in Biscayne, are available in any size of your choosing.

http://www.katewalkerdesign.com.au / http://www.kwdandco.com.au


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