Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

At KWD we strive to learn, adapt and educate ourselves, and to be versatile with our design responses. We want every room in a home to look inviting and feel beautiful, with a seamless functionality. We love designing multi-use spaces, so that the floor plan of a home works in the most  effective way possible for the occupants, all year round. Combining a home office with a guest room is the perfect example of a versatile space.  We are huge fans of the Murphy Bed. Built into the wall joinery, they fold down as required so that the room really does become multi-purpose – a playroom, a home office or a living area. A fold out sofa is the next best option, however we are yet to find one that is as comfortable as a Murphy Bed.


A practical and efficient design solution, the Murphy Bed was named after its inventor, William Lawrence Murphy, and this ingenious space-saving furniture piece has been a favourite for over a century. Its ability to effortlessly transform a bedroom into a multifunctional area has made it a staple in modern design.  Also known as a wall bed or fold-down bed, it offers a seamless blend of functionality and style, allowing homeowners to maximize their living areas without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic appeal. Advancements in the bed’s mechanism have made it effortless to fold and unfold, the  hydraulic systems and counterbalance mechanisms making it oh so simple to use.


Designing versatile spaces within your home is a smart and practical approach to make the most of your living environment. As our lifestyles and needs evolve, it becomes essential to create areas that can adapt to various functions and activities. Whether you have limited square footage or simply desire flexibility, designing versatile spaces, incorporating thoughtful design principles and utilising clever furniture solutions, can transform your living spaces into multifunctional areas that cater to your changing needs.


When we worked through the space planning with our clients for this beautiful contemporary home, they had included a dedicated guest bedroom. Knowing that they regularly worked from home (and this was pre Covid-19), we really wanted to make this space multi-functional. At KWD we believe in making every space in a home as effective, functional and beautiful as possible, and often a guest bedroom is given too much of a footprint in a home when it is in fact the least used room. So we turned the proposed guest bedroom into a workhorse, designing it in such a way that it is at once a fully functional guest suite plus a work-from-home office. It’s an ideal space for receiving visitors as it is located in the front of the home (so they don’t have to enter the house proper) and it has its own private bathroom. In the evening the room transforms into a den-like space with a built-in bar. And when guests do stay, the drawers under the desk are on casters and the desk itself easily glides into a specially designed alcove so it acts as a console. Then simply fold down the Murphy bed which is built into the custom joinery and the guest suite is complete. This was one of the  best planning decisions of the project as it has become the owner’s favourite room. 


Designing versatile rooms allows for maximum flexibility in a home. The key is to select furniture and storage solutions that can easily be concealed or transformed to adapt to the desired function. A spare bedroom becomes a multi-functional space, serving as a study during the day and a comfortable guest room when needed, simply by adding a Murphy bed.  Embrace the potential of your living spaces and create a home that effortlessly adapts to your evolving needs.


Joinery design has become an integral part of  every KWD project. Our design team  are experts in creating custom designs for every room in a home, from walk-in-robes and bathrooms to kitchens and living spaces. Carefully considered joinery design can elevate a space beyond compare, aesthetically and in terms of functionality. A successful versatile space that features a Murphy bed starts with the talents and expertise of our design team, and ends with the perfectly executed installation. As Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” 

For more information about KWD’s commitment to versatile design solutions, or to have your own Murphy bed designed to suit your home, contact the KWD design team on (613) 5974 1800.

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