The secret of all victory lies in the organisation of the non-obvious.” Marcus  Aurelius, Roman Emperor

The middle of the year sees long awaited projects coming to completion, client briefings launch into exciting new ventures and we start to plan for the summer season ahead. Space planning gets underway, colour palettes and material schedules start to formulate and joinery designs come to life. No matter the location or the aesthetic of the home, the joinery design forms the foundation of what we do. From kitchens and living rooms, to bathrooms, laundries and mudrooms, and from bedrooms and studies to guest rooms and spare rooms, the starting point should always be creating beautiful and functional storage  solutions. By integrating craftsmanship, technnology and creative collaboration, joinery design has the power to transform spaces, making them more personalised, functional and visually breathtaking.


This classic contemporary home is one of our most recently completed and photographed projects, and the design-style reflects the owners love of subtle style and simplicity. The effortless and ample storage is soothing, symmetrical and seamless, with black and white set against the European oak chevron flooring. Full height cabinetry adds to the sense of space, the strategically positioned skylight flooding the work area with natural light. A place for everything, and everything in its place.


One of the key aspects that make joinery design an essential component of interior design is its ability to optimise space utilisation. Cleverly designed joinery can transform even the smallest corners into functional and stylish storage solutions. Custom-built shelves, drawers and wardrobes can be tailored to suit specific dimensions, cater to individual needs and maximise storage capacity whilst maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic. Here at Sable Lodge, the  textural and tonal play with wood grain, natural wool and linen creates a walk-in-robe that is all kinds of wonderful. 


Beyond functionality, joinery design brings a unique character and visual appeal to interior spaces. Crafted with attention to detail and artistic flair, a laundry becomes an exquisite destination that reflects the homeowner’s personality and style. The pattern play and glorious shades of blue in the Elcho laundry create an ambience and add a sense of luxury.


A European Farmhouse kitchen designed to perfection. The versatility of joinery design allows for seamless integration into any design style. It offers an opportunity to create harmonious transitions between different areas within the same space, maintaining a consistent language throughout. Design elements like arches, columns and decorative moldings can define distinct zones, adding architectural interest and enhancing the overall visual flow.


Joinery design transcends mere furniture and becomes an integral part of the interior design narrative. It combines functionality and artistry and forms spaces that are not only visually captivating, they are optimised for daily living. Collaboration between the interior  designer and joinery craftsmen is crucial for a successful execution. By working in sympatico, the design details, unique elements and quality finishes ensure an exceptional result. This spacious bathroom is elevated to new heights with golden hues that are truly distinctive and create an inviting and memorable experience.

My grandmother was very influential in my life. My memories are filled the nostalgia of watching her knitting cosy, woollen scarves for her grandchildren, of the comforting scent of freshly laundered bed linen and the warmth of her love and laughter. She was one of my most treasured mentors. She taught me ways of being, and living – one of the most memorable being ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.’ It’s such a simple saying, but it has had a significant impact on me.  It emphasizes the importance of making the most of one’s Sundays in order to set a positive and fulfilling tone for the week. Of course in today’s society one’s Sunday may be a Monday, or any day of the week, but the principle remains. To me it means having a day for self-care, for recharging, for spending time with family, and for organisation and preparation. Approaching life with a sense of structure and purpose contributes to productivity and efficiency. This ethos is behind the effectiveness of KWD’s joinery design. We believe that designing well considered storage that works for the occupants of the home contributes to cleanliness, clarity and a lack of clutter, which in turn creates a refreshing sense of order. Every single element of our designs are developed with contentment in mind.”

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