We love design. We live and breathe it. Our Pinterest boards, pin-up boards and social media feeds are filled with images that inspire us, and our desks and shelves are stocked with design books and magazines that we scour with relish every day. Designing is what we do, at work, whilst walking, when we’re driving and in our dreams. Our goal is to filter what we watch, view and read through our own sensibilities, and mix these with our own voice so it becomes something different, original and unique for our clients.

It’s this design voice that we tap into when embarking on a new project, be it a new build or a renovation. And it’s our years and years of experience, along with our design filter, and our passion for making a house a home, that has made KWD a go-to source of advice and inspiration for more than 10 years.

We are so proud of the custom design service we offer when we work with clients from concept to completion, but we are equally proud of the design solution we have developed for those who aren’t in a position to pay for a custom collaboration.

Explains our Founder and Director, Kate Walker, “At KWD we believe great design should be accessible to everybody, regardless of budget and time constraints. And that’s why we are so passionate about KWD & Co. Access, a design solution to suit everyone’s design needs. Whether you are undertaking a new build or renovating room by room, this consultation can help guide you through the key elements – which aesthetic to choose, what shade of paint will work best, what adjustments can be made to your space planning to create the very best floor plan to suit your needs, and what hard finishes will work best in your bathrooms, laundries and kitchen. Our design experts will cut through the noise for you, provide advice and inspiration, and give you the confidence you need so you can trust your decisions.”

With these two very special KWD & Co. Access consultation offerings, you can get inside the brain of the KWD design team at a fraction of the price that it would cost for a bespoke design service.

A one-on-one design consultation with KWD’s CEO & founder, Kate Walker:

As the Founder & CEO of KWD and KWD & Co, Kate Walker leads the design studio she launched in 2013. Kate Walker is recognised nationally for her inspiring and multi-faceted design style that is anchored by her engaging, consultative and genuine approach. Her formidable and fluid responses to client briefs ensure a highly personalised and attuned solution that is respectful of  the lifestyle, culture and design goals of each and every client. Kate’s emotional engagement and passionate desire for excellence translate to the creation of beautiful environments that are innovative, inviting and timeless. Kate’s experience and knowledge as a design expert and her authentic and engaging personality will ensure you find the design solution you’ve been looking for.

A design consultation with the KWD design team:

Under the helm of Kate Walker, every member of the KWD design team is a dynamic designer in their own right – esteemed professionals in the industry who collectively manage more than 80 design projects each year.

The KWD design team has gained respect for their ability to translate a design vision from concept to reality – to match any client’s budget and across any aesthetic. The team has decades of experience across space planning, joinery, hard finishes, textures, lighting, furniture, flooring and soft furnishings, colour palettes, art and the decorative touches that make a house a home. Their experience and knowledge will ensure you find the design solution you’ve been looking for.

Their design work, under the guidance, leadership and training of CEO & Founder Kate Walker, has been featured in many leading magazines and blogs, and KWD’s work has been featured in Australia’s leading interior magazines including Belle, Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Grand Designs Australia and House & Garden.

At the end of these one-on-one, one hour consultation with Kate Walker or the KWD design team we’ll create your very own flat lay and provide a schedule of colours and finishes created just for you and your project – paint colours, tiles, timber, carpet, rugs, benchtops, natural stone, splashback looks, tapware and door hardware joinery styles, wallpaper swatches, lighting ideas and furniture suggestions. You know longer need to second guess your design choices, we’ll help you make the hard decisions that you can feel confident with. Harmonious looks that work for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

How does KWD & Co.  Access work?

Step One:

Pay your online consultation fee.

Step Two:

KWD & Co. will make contact with you and book your phone consultation time, and email through your consultation questionnaire.

Step Three:

Spend some time completing your questionnaire and email it to KWD & Co. with all your documentation (photos, Pinterest account, Dropbox folder etc). This material is the key to making the most of your phone consultation and to getting the most successful outcome for your project. The KWD & Co. team will get to work, looking through your vision board and all of the ideas you have collated so we’re fully prepared for your phone consultation with loads of ideas to help create the perfect look for you.

Step Four:

A KWD & Co. team member will contact you at the agreed time for your one hour online consultation. It’s during this time what we will discuss the details of your project, listen to what you are wanting to achieve and suggest the best design options for you.

Step Five:

Following your consultation, the KWD & Co. team will send you an email outlining the details that were discussed throughout your consultation. It will include the hard finishes that best suit your brief (tiles, timber, carpets, rugs, stair runners etc) and any other specifications we would like your project to include. We will also collate samples for a flat lay and a sample box (if applicable to your project) which will be carefully packaged and sent to you.

Step Six:

KWD & Co. will contact you to confirm receipt of your sample box, discuss any queries you may have and assist with the ordering of any materials. At this point the KWD & Co. shop will be a fantastic resource for you*. Should you decide that you would like a deeper dive into other areas of your property you can by simply booking another phone consultation.

*Please note any requests for amendments to your specification will incur an additional fee, at the discretion of KWD & Co.

So, are you ready?  Book now:


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