“We no longer build fireplaces just for physical warmth. We build them for the warmth of the soul, we build them to dream by, to hope by, to home by.” Edna Ferber

There’s a chill in the air. Mornings and evenings feel fresh and crisp. Sunrises and sunsets are ablaze with oranges, yellows and shades of purple and pink. And those who have an open fireplace at home have already christened it for the autumn/winter season. A fireplace is more than functional, it provides a sense of comfort and community. A focal point for staring and sharing in silence or in golden conversation. It creates an air of cosy warmth, for the body and for the soul.

When designing fireplaces, the KWD team takes into consideration of style of the home, the size and space, and the materials that will best reflect the aesthetic and the home owner. From dry wall cladding to natural stone, from painted bricks to leather, from heritage details to patterned tiles, a fireplace becomes as important as a decorative feature as a practical and functional source of warmth.

Join us on a journey of fireplace design, for lounge rooms and bedrooms, studies and sitting rooms, dens and outdoors. 


A traditional fireplace design is timeless and elegant. It typically features a brick or stone facade, a hearth and a firebox. A contemporary version doesn’t require a mantel, a beautiful artwork sets the scene instead. Painting the bricks in the same colour as the walls and roof creates a seamless scape, adding to the clean architectural lines. Bricks are also fire-resistant, making it a safe and practical option for a fireplace. Bricks can be installed in various patterns, such as running bond, basket weave, or herringbone, to create different effects.


The original architecture of Biscayne really spoke to me. The beautiful big verandas, the interesting carpentry features and the full height sash windows.  I was enamoured by the original fireplaces and what they added to the integrity of the design.  The natural stone hearth and simple, stylish mantel offered a sense of authenticity and history. I really wanted to maintain that feeling, extrapolate the idea and bring that feeling to every room of the home. The fireplace in the master suite was the heart of the room, with one of my most treasured commissioned paintings adding grace to the space.


A modern fireplace design is sleek and minimalistic. Often featuring a simple metal  firebox with a metal or glass facade, the style is bold with a masculine edge. The mantel is usually absent, and the firebox surrounded by concrete, plaster or dry-wall cladding. The clean lines of this full height chimney create a perfect A-line peak that sits so comfortably in the cathedral ceiling, creating a statement contemporary look and a stunning focal point for the large space.  


The stand out feature of this revived and refreshed 1970s home is the spectacular floor-to-ceiling leather cladding that creates a beautiful tactile wall. A bespoke and innovative design, we worked closely with the manufacturer to ensure we achieved the perfect leather shade, level of padding and a clean lateral patchwork design. Perfect for enhancing the Alpine Luxe aesthetic, this fireplace brings a unique warmth and tactility to the home.


An  outdoor fireplace  is perfect for those who love alfresco entertaining and want to maximise use of an outdoor space throughout the year.  Typically featuring a firebox made of brick or stone with a chimney or flue, the design can be adapted to suit the aesthetic of the home. The majestic white chimney of this outdoor fireplace at Biscayne features a herringbone brick pattern inlay that looks beautiful when the fire isn’t in use. The mirror helps create an outdoor room, adding to the cosy comfort of this appealing alfresco space. 

If you need fireside guidance or design advice contact the KWD team on 5974 1800.


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