WHERE IT ALL BEGAN:  Guy Mitchell is a dedicated designer-maker of artisan ceramic tiles. His interest in working with clay stems from the time Guy spent at university, studying 3D Design and specialising in ceramic-making and tableware. It was here that Guy began to make tiles and experiment with glazes and finishes.


INSPIRATION:  Guy takes inspiration from all sorts of places. He loves the colours and patterns of Islamic tiles, the simplicity of Victorian English architectural and subway tiles and also British and Scandinavian midcentury studio pottery. African and Japanese textiles and are also a big influence as is contemporary interior design. Guy likes dark and glamorous rather than light and plain. Inspiration also comes to him from the process of making, and the results he gets from experimenting with glaze colours. Guy thinks there is beauty in simple repetition and tiles are the perfect medium for this. Guy enjoys pushing the boundaries of tile design and believes that texture is part of the key to doing this. “Why should a tile have to be smooth when adding texture to the surface adds such interest?”


THE PROCESS:  Guy currently works predominantly in stoneware. The clay is rolled flat and then the tiles are individually cut out by hand, before being allowed to dry. No moulds are used to shape them because Guy feels that this gives a far better quality and means that the product is handmade in the truest sense of the word. After the first firing, the glazes are mixed entirely from raw materials, again by hand, and applied to the work prior to going through the kiln a second time. Some pieces are fired outdoors by using sawdust to ësmokeí the tiles.


TRULY UNIQUE:  Guy lives by the coast, so he likes to use local seaweed, driftwood and sea water to interesting effect. Each process is carried out by hand and as such, every tile is unique and special, never to be found anywhere else. The beauty is in the subtle variation of colour & texture. Guy believes the skill in what he does is in using traditional methods to create something new. Guy layers glazes on top of each other to create complex effect. Guy also loves experimenting with the surface of the tiles, making a feature out of perceived imperfections such as crackles and cratering.


DELICATE YET DURABLE:  Guy’s tiles are recommended for interior and exterior walls. They are heatproof and waterproof, and despite their delicate and intricate patterns, they are very easy to clean.  Guy recommends that the tiles are best suited to a black or dark coloured grout because this helps to bring out the colours of the tiles.


HOW CAN YOU COMMISSION GUY MITCHELL?  Guy works both as an artist creating his own pieces, whilst also taking on some exclusive work selling ranges of his tiles through independent retailers for interior decoration. Guy has been absolutely blown away by the positive response to his work from the people of Australia. Some of his most engaged followers on social media are Australian and he hopes to keep that going.


Guy Mitchell can be contacted directly as per below, or otherwise, contact Kate Walker of Kate Walker Design, and she will arrange a consultation with the artist for you, to start the process of commissioning your own bespoke designs.

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/UK/shop/guymitchelldesign
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/guymitchellart
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/guymitchellart
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/guymitchelldesign
Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/guymitchelld/
Email: guymitchellartist@gmail.com
Phone: +447446073855


 If you would like to discuss your own project with us please call

Kate Walker at KWD on 0422 425 523.


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