TILE FEATURE: Subway Tiles

Subway tiles get their names from the iconic ceramic tiles used on the walls of the New York City subway stations in the early twentieth century.


Today, it is becoming popular to use these tiles in homes and commercial spaces to create a modern look whilst also maintaining a traditional feel that never gets old.


Image 7-mbds-pizza-east

To incorporate this trend into your space most effectively, single-colour tiles splash-backs or counter-tops is the way to go. The tiles can be arranged horizontally or for a bolder look, vertically.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.51.49 PM

There are a huge variety of subway tile designs available at KWD, from various colours, finishes, profiles, sizes and shapes, but it is important to choose the right colour and texture for your space in order to maintain cohesion and create a look that is fresh and current yet timeless.

At the moment, our director, Kate Walker loves the idea of using two different sized subway tiles, in the same colour and texture, to create a subtle interest.

Kate has just completed a project in Flinders, Victoria, with Subway Tiles in a milk white, handmade satin finish, in sizes 300×75 and 150×75, in equal proportions.  The result – sublime. Check out our Instagram page (@katewalker_design) for photos soon.

subway_tiles_kitchen   white-tiles-in-bathroom

If you would like to discuss your own project with us please call

Kate Walker at KWD on 0422 425 523.



  • Interesting write about how subway tiles got its name, but what is more interesting is how you used them to create different looks. I like how you made the kitchen look more bright and sparkling. I see that you offer different finishes, sizes and shapes. I like how you did the first kitchen with subway tiles. I am searching for a way to create a look like the tiles are brick works with a reddish muted colour, giving the room a traditional feel. And of course, light-coloured timber-looking tiles for the floor to complete the warm, cosy look without the hassle of maintaining a wooden flooring.

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