DESIGNERS TIP: How to make small spaces seem large

Here are KWD‘s top 10 tips to make your small space seem larger.

  1. Strategically place mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

Placing a mirror across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel larger. Or alternatively place a large window behind a chest or end table to create the allusion that a whole other space is tucked behind it.


  1. Invest in furniture with exposed legs.

Instead of a sofa with a skirt or boxy chairs, bigger pieces with exposed legs are perfect for enlarging a small room, creating a sense of light and space.

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  1. Ditch the overhead lights.

Harsh down lights create a pool of light all in the one space, drawing the eye inwards. Instead we suggest using a few smaller lamps to spread the light throughout your space and draw the eye around the room


  1. Go for glass or Lucite items.

Incorporating glass and lucite pieces are a stylish and practical way to reduce clutter and create more visual space in your room, giving it a more spacious feel.

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  1. Leave your windows uncovered to give a room more depth.

Oversized drapes and curtains not only block out light in your room but also reduce the sense of depth in the room. To avoid this, leave your windows uncovered to let in natural light an reveal the natural landscape outside. This will in turn trick your eyes into thinking that your room has depth. If you are worried about privacy, opt for gauzy sheer white drapes for an airy feel.


  1. Use stripes to elongate your room.

Just like vertical stripes on clothing, a striped rug will make your room appear longer. Orient the stripes to go the length of the room that is the longest for optimal effect.


  1. Use light colors on the walls and the floor.

While darker colors make a room seem cozy, they also absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the space feel smaller. Opt for lighter colored flooring as well as wall colors to make the room feel airy.


  1. Use big statement furniture.

The common misconception is that a small space requires small furniture to make the room seem larger. Wrong. In fact, using one prominent furniture piece such as a statement armchair will keep the space uncluttered and open, creating that desired depth.


  1. Go Monochromatic.

Paint your walls, trim, and detailing in different shades of one color, such as white, off-white, and beige to expand a room. You can also try pairing gallery white walls with a very pale grey on trim and detailing for an open-air French-inspired room.


  1. Utilise cool colours.

Cool colours make the make the walls to visually recede, creating depth to a small room.


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