IMG_0527 Product In Focus:  Eco Grass

Here is an amazing product you may not have ever considered – Eco Grass or artificial grass. As you will see from the photos featured in this article, it looks incredible. Lasting from 15-20 years, Eco Grass is rapidly growing in popularity due to the high quality of production and it’s likeness to real grass. KWD has specified, sourced and supplied this product in a range of projects from small courtyards to larger poolside gardens. IMG_0533 In a pool setting, Eco Grass makes perfect sense. No more manoeuvring the mower and making a mess. Soft underfoot, excellent drainage and extremely low maintenance, artificial lawn is the ideal choice. IMG_0535 Trees and plants can be incorporated into the lawn as seen above. Correct installation is important but not overly complicated. If you’re a little handy you can even install it yourself.IMG_0529Got a family pet? Not a problem, cats and dogs both love artificial grass lawn. The lawn is tough and rugged, also allowing for those bigger animals to play without damaging the turf. And if damage does occur, for whatever reason, pieces can easily be replaced rather than re-doing the entire space. IMG_0544 Eco Grass will eliminate up to 99% of insects found in normal grass which is particularly handy over summer when we all like to be outdoors. Eco Grass does not scorch either so your lawn will remain beautifully green all year round! IMG_0545 Synthetic turf has other applications aside from garden lawns. Sporting fields and tennis courts also look fantastic and withstand a strong barrage of use unlike real grass. The installation of artificial grass is also a cost effective choice. Just ask the team at KWD! IMG_0550 If you purchase Eco Grass from KWD for your next project you can feel comfortable knowing that the product comes with a solid 10 year warranty. Eco Logo_10

If you’d like to know more about Eco Grass or any other products sourced by the team at KWD, please call Kate Walker on 0422 425 523.


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