“I have a passion for all things design. Good design is all about originality & proportions.”                                Gregory McGrail, Director, Gregory Croxford Living

Established nearly 10 years ago by Gregory McGrail, Gregory Croxford Living is the Australasian arm of his family’s fourth generation UK manufacturing operation. The Armac Brassworks company was founded by his great grandfather in the early 1900’s and to this day, all products are designed & manufactured in their factories in Birmingham. Gregory, like much of his family, was brought into the business at a young age, working on the family floor as a teenager. He gained an appreciation for the quality and care that went into creating Armac products.

Now, 92 years after its inception, Armac Brassworks is now known to the world as Armac Martin. The luxury brass hardware company is continually focused on exquisite design using the finest materials, whilst upholding the brand’s solid and steadfast traditions across global markets. Armac Martin products remain entirely designed and manufactured in the heart of England, carrying with them not only beautiful design, but a deep sense of history and heritage.

Explains Gregory, “The family business has gone through many challenges in the past 90+ years; world wars, several global recessions & more. Where we are today is a true (rare) success story. The brand Armac Martin is world renowned for luxury furniture hardware, a position that we, as a family are deeply proud of. The brand’s interest lie not only in representing family heritage, but in building upon it. Our aim is to continue to lead the way as British manufacturers of design, quality & service. Not only in terms of hardware, but in luxury goods on a global scale. Hardware isn’t to be underestimated in its capacity to elevate an entire space or design. Our products reflect this, using the very finest materials & expert craftsmanship, our furniture hardware caters to a multitude of palates and perspectives.”

Gregory Croxford Living is the exclusive distributor of the family’s renowned British brands – Armac Martin, Frank Allart and Turnstyle Designs. These brands manufacture the world’s finest door and cabinet hardware – knobs, pulls, handles, catches and shelf brackets, plus decorative grilles and mirrors.

The brands also offer partially and fully bespoke design and manufacturing services, in which it marries superior, storied craftsmanship with timeless, stylish, and refined design. As a result Gregory Croxford Living draws in the very best architects, designers, developers and homeowners who appreciate the very best in detailed design execution.

Adds Gregory, “Our fundamental premise is to offer our discerning clients the most exquisite, elegant and refined door hardware designs for the most luxurious interiors. We are honoured to work with amazing clients throughout Australasia. We feel we have a responsibility in the world of design to help push the genre forward whilst keeping valuable traditions in terms of craftsmanship and most importantly originality in design.”

Armac Martin designs and manufactures the world’s finest brass cabinet hardware. Every product is designed in-house, with meticulous attention given to superior quality in every detail. Its wide range of products offers up to 21 separate plated and patinated finishes for each separate product and design, each a result of precision craftsmanship that meets the company’s own rigorous standards of excellence – appliance pull handles, furniture handles, hooks and card frames, knobs and T bars, hinges and catches.

Gregory Croxford Living proudly imports Frank Allart door hardware, a collection that offers over a century of tradition and excellence combined with manufacturing traditions that date back to the Victorian era. Frank Allart’s door, window and cabinet furniture can be found adorning some of the world’s most luxurious buildings – palaces, fine hotels, restaurants, embassies and private residences. The Allart Select range offers over 100 levers and knobs in 30 different patinas and metal finishes.

Turnstyle Designs is a boutique manufacturer of beautifully crafted door & cabinet furniture, designed with Italian leathers sourced from the finest tanneries from Tuscany to Amalfine. The company recently won the ‘Queens Award for Enterprise’ which was presented by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Turnstyle Designs offer a beautiful range of home fixtures, from furniture knobs and handles to door pulls. Their design team constantly work to create modern designs that will look exceptional in any setting.

Says Gregory, “With the brands that we offer in Australasia and the extraordinary range of product and finishes available, we not only respond to the market, but we also lead in terms of design innovation and customisation. We work closely with architects and interior designers, specifying and supplying door hardware solutions, who then purchase their selections via our network of Distributors which includes The English Tapware Company here in Australia. In terms of design trends at the moment, we are seeing a real demand for more contemporary looks – the sleek shapes, the ergonomic styles and the polished finishes. Bronzes and brasses continue to be very popular as well. Clients are more willing to invest in quality fixtures and fittings which really impacts the overall quality of the end result.”



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