Gyprock is part of CSR, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected public companies, employing over 2500 people in their 147 sites around the country.  A trusted name, Gyprock is synonymous with plasterboard, indeed like some of the world’s leading brands, the brand name is as powerful as the product itself.

Gyprock – Sheets

Plasterboard is a fundamental part of every new build and renovation. It is the most widely used material in a build – creating every wall and every ceiling. We take great pride in offering an Australian owned and locally manufactured product for commercial and residential properties. Whilst it is a fundamental material, with elevated design thinking coupled with great craftsmanship, Gyprock can be used and take a home  from simple to stunning,” explains Therese Tarlinton, Marketing Communications Manager for Gyprock.

Gyprock plasterboard provides the foundation for the home – the blank canvas. When you have a great interior designer or architect, their talent lies in creating interest, varying textures and using every inch of the house as a platform for design excellence and execution.

Gyprock Residential Installation Guide August 2018

Professional ‘Gyprockers’ are craftsmen. A perfectly executed plasterboard installation is evident to the eye, and to the touch. A seamless application creates a perfectly smooth surface, and provides the perfect base making magic.

I’m a Gyprocker 2021. CSR Gyprock. Axon Plastering. 12/05/2021. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Explains Therese, “When you walk into a beautifully prepared room you immediately feel an overwhelming sense of ‘wow’ – where you are seduced by every element in the space. Walls and ceilings are the foundation of every design. Organic shapes like curves and considered design choices like wainscotting, panelling and wallpaper focus your awareness and captivate your attention. Adding curves to a bulkhead or a coffered ceiling adds drama, elegance and interest.”

I’m a Gyprocker 2021. CSR Gyprock. Axon Plastering. 12/05/2021. Photo by Luke Hemer.

A clever designer who works with a great craftsman can take a basic building material like Gyprock and create a space that will seduce, and make you want to stay longer in the room. The walls and ceilings are the envelope of the room and form the foundation of the design.  Not all walls and ceilings are the same, so talk to your builder to ensure you get a product that meets your design, acoustic, impact and moisture requirements for each room.

Plasterboard is an amazing product,” says Therese. “This basic material forms the foundation for any home can be crafted to create stunning decorative elements as well as fire, acoustic, thermal, water resistance and structural properties.  Firmly entrenched as a resource staple within the design and construction community and recognised as one the most valuable and trusted guides, The Red Book Fire, Acoustic & Thermal Design Guide showcases the performance of CSR Gyprock’s extensive range across hundreds of wall and ceiling systems.  Together with the Red Book installation manuals, it forms a suite of essential reference documents for the building industry.  Gyprock also offers a service called DesignLINK with a team of professionals including builders, engineers, building designers and architects who have a wealth of planning experience and are on hand to help execute your ideas in line with building compliance.”

When renovating a home or building a new home, think carefully about this simple building material. Investing in the right plasterboard that is fit for purpose in terms of flexibility or acoustics or moisture resistance can make all the difference to the end result. Over the life of the property the benefits will be seen and felt, every day.

Adds Therese, “Talented designers are vital for turning simple materials into stunning features, and we love watching Kate Walker’s projects come to life. In all the properties Kate and the KWD team design there is always a perfect synergy between functionality and beautiful aesthetics. It’s very exciting for us at Gyprock to work with designers of Kate’s calibre, who can turn a simple, plain room into a sincere and considered space with the use of curves, wainscotting, wallpaper, panelling, arches or coffered ceilings. We are so thrilled to have worked with her on bringing her vision of Biscayne to life.

Says Kate, “With clever design and detailing you can add a WOW factor to a simple space. We love turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. We take projects to new heights and give them a whole new identity. Angles, cornicing and wall details all give interest to the structure of a room, and a stunning curved staircase can add a new dimension to a simple space. It just takes clever design and master craftsman to bring a vision to life.”

To get the best possible result with the foundation of your home, talk to your builder about upgrading your walls and ceilings with Gyprock:

  1. Gyprock Superchek™ offers superior impact resistance and sound absorption so it’s the ideal wall and ceiling lining for your family home – it also takes shouts down to whispers!
  2. Gyprock Flexible is designed to bend and create convex and concave curves to hallways, bulkheads, statement ceilings and spiral staircases.
  3. Gyprock Supaceil™ is perfect for a multitude of ceiling design features including raked, coffered or angled to skylights.
  4. Gyprock Aquachek™ is a moisture resistant wall and ceiling plasterboard designed as the perfect lining for wet areas like your bathroom, laundry and your alfresco area.

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