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Whilst KWD specialises in creating beautiful interiors, landscaping design is increasingly becoming a significant part of the completed project. We place a lot of importance on the exterior of the home – the paint colour, the roof colour, the door colour, the fences and gates, and of course the landscape gardening.

“The landscaping of the property is so important,” says Kate Walker. “I feel really strongly about bringing the outside in, and I always recommend that our clients leave money in their budget for their landscaping design. For me, the house starts at the front fence, not at the front door, and people get a feeling, even from the nature strip, about what they are going to experience when they come into your home.  The outdoors is an extension of the indoors.”

So when Kate and the KWD team first started working on Kate’s new home, Biscayne, the landscape design was just as important as the interior. Kate engaged Heath Blair from Plume Studio to design the landscaping, and in turn Heath brought Michael and Luke from Vogue Grange on board to construct his vision.

Michael Callinan launched Vogue Grange in 2010. The focus of the high-end operation is on landscape construction. Explains Michael, “We have great relationships with many of Melbourne’s leading landscape architects and our role is to bring their designs to life. Specialising in every aspect of the construction, we work with all of the hard surfaces from driveways and paving to water features, lighting and decking – as well as all of the soft surfaces from lawns and planting to irrigation. Our incredible team turns the landscape architect’s vision into a reality.

We were delighted when Heath reached out to us and invited us to put in a tender and meet with Kate,” explains Michael. “Being awarded the opportunity to work with Heath and Kate was an exciting prospect. Biscayne is such a stunning property in an amazing location.”

“The landscape construction process has taken around six months or so from when we first installed the palm trees, and the landscape story is starting to take shape now. The planting and lawn will be the final step, so not long to go. It will look incredible,” say Michael.

For Michael and his team, the best thing about working outdoors and constructing amazing residential landscapes is that they get to see the end result of all their hard work. Usually the last part of the construction process, they see the design that was on paper come to life and the whole story of the property completed with the final touches to the lawn and planting.

Explains Michael, “We pride ourselves on quality workmanship – our team of tradesmen & subcontractors take pride in everything they do. We encourage our clients to get involved every step of the way, as bringing their vision to life is our core focus. We believe the future of landscaping requires more than just the ability to continue to build landscapes, but the foresight to evaluate and explore new building materials and techniques.

Adds Michael, “Each landscape architect or designer has their own garden style, so we adapt to whatever it is they want to create, from formal gardens to native gardens and everything in between. When you walk away at the end of the job it’s so rewarding to see the final result and how the whole project comes together.

It’s so important to consider your renovation or new build holistically. A truly successful design intimately interconnects the interior and exterior. The experience needs to start from the moment you set eyes on your property from the street, as you walk up the pathway, along the driveway or through the gates to your own private sanctuary. Consider how you will enjoy every part of your home from dawn to dusk and into the night, and throughout the changing of the seasons. Having the right landscaping design to complement the architectural essence and the interior aesthetic of your home will help bring the whole vision to life.

Images: Vogue Grange. Beechwood images by Armelle Habib.


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