Granite is Back

In the 1980s, Granite was all the rage when it came to Natural Stone. However over time, this trend has seen itself fade into oblivion, where granite went from the hottest hard finish to the most antiquated of them all. Thus, many have been apprehensive to use this hard finish in their projects as it has since been targeted ‘out-dated’.

Nevertheless, at KWD we are proud to say that granite has made its comeback. Slowly but surely, granite has weaved its way back into the interior design sphere, as we see granite used for all things from swimming pools and common areas to residential and commercial projects.


At KWD our current favourite is the use of honed granite stone for kitchen bench tops in black. This gives off a modern and fresh feel, talking to the industrial trend that we are seeing so often in interior design today.

In addition, split face granite walls can be used to create an organic and raw feel, showing the immense versatility of this stone.


Lastly, we are seeing more and more use of granite poolside to generate a crisp and edgy design. We absolutely adore this look for the ultra modern poolside area.



KWD has stockholdings of stunning granite material at the moment, ranging from dark charcoal, to almost white, and many in between.  We have pavers, steppers, copers, cobblestones and dry wall cladding.


If you would like to discuss your own project with us please call

Kate Walker at KWD on 0422 425 523.


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