PROJECT: Backbone Grill, Oakleigh



Project: Backbone Grill, 28 Eaton Mall, Oakleigh


Backbone Grill is positioned in the heart of Oakleigh’s food centre, Eaton Mall. With a passion for quality meats, seafoods and wine, Backbone Grill’s aim is to deliver deliciously tasting meals – and they do just that, and more.

It’s a lively atmosphere with a chic fit out to match. Locals love the place and out-of-towners flock to soak up the tastes, sounds and sights. Backbone Grill is a traditional mouth watering culinary experience with a modern flare.


In collaboration with Archie Contes from Neovision, Kate Walker from KWD has specified, sourced and supplied many of the stunning hard finishes and soft furnishings.

Materials Specified:

Starting with the flooring, Kate specified a current favourite – Turkish Classic Travertine, honed, filled and crosscut 600×600. It’s an obvious choice due to it’s modern appeal and robust structure.  Specially imported by KWD for this project.


On the walls Kate has incorporated engineered timber wall cladding comprising American Oak in black wash 189×1830 long x15/4m. It’s a strong feature adding flare and interest whilst also working wonders on acoustics.

Bench tops feature honed black granite. Kate specified this colour and composition for its durability and bold look.

Behind the famous Backbone Grill rotisserie, the splashback is classically elegant honed Carrara marble.  When sealed and maintained correctly with good quality products available from KWD, Carrara is the ultimate in timeless design.


On the walls and floors of the guest bathrooms are porcelain tiles, which emulate leather so closely, that patrons have been known to ask the waiters if they are indeed the real thing. “These are the latest in modern tactile hard finishes and create a fun ‘wow’ factor,” says Kate.

Cow hide upholstery adorns furniture throughout the restaurant in keeping with the restaurant’s grill theme and to create warmth throughout the space.


Reading this article does not do Backbone Grill justice.  It is the ambience created with not only the finishes selected, nor the aroma of the outstanding cuisine, it is the atmosphere of Eaton Mall, and it’s alfresco dining, that brings a family friendly, party vibe.  Seeing, feeling and tasting is highly recommended.  To get the taste buds tingling, here is a sample of the current menu.  Get down to Backbone Grill and enjoy!


Main Menu Samples

Mixed rotisserie plate

Pork, Lamb, Goat, Mixed Gyro, servied with Greek Salad and chat potatoes.
Min. 2 people – $ 25 pp
Seafood plate
Prawns, Calamari, Fish, Octopus, Whitebait and Scallops, served with Greek salad and chat potatoes.
Min. 2 people – $ 35 pp
Braised Lamb
Spitisio (rustic), with potatoes, peas and tomato.
Herb crusted dory fillet
Served with horiatiki salad, fried chat potatoes and aioli. $ 26
Chargrilled lamb cutlets
Served with Greek salad, chips and tzatziki. $ 38


 Specified, sourced and supplied by Kate Walker of KWD.

If you would like a quote on any materials used in this project, please call

Kate Walker on 0422 425 523.


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