KWD: Which Appliance is the right fit for you?


Appliances can have a major bearing on kitchen design. There is an abundance of brands and models to select from. The team at KWD love to talk kitchens!

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Like most large household purchases, buying appliances based purely on price isn’t always the smartest choice. False economising can come back to bite you later. Appliances should match the quality and style of your house or apartment.  Fortunately, there are quality items out there to suit every budget.

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Important consideration when designing your new kitchen and choosing appliances include:
– Will you integrate your appliances so they are hidden?
– Do you prefer stainless steel or colour?
– Gas or electric?
– How much space do you have?
– Are you a master chef who knows their way around a kitchen or do you eat out most night?
– Is this an investment property or principal place of residence.

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Heading to your nearest homemaker centre can be beneficial if you find a salesperson who has a breadth of knowledge on what they are selling. Ask lots of questions and enquire about such things as the energy ratings and manufacturer’s warranty.  Some appliance companies offer a full four year warranty whilst others only provide a mere six months.  Large electrical and appliance stores usually offer a separate extended warranty which makes very good sense if you are planning to fit out your entire kitchen. Of course KWD can specify, source and supply all of your kitchen appliance needs.

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Laundry appliances, whilst often tucked away, still require consideration when planning a new home or renovation. If you have a house full of growing kids, a commercial grade washing machine might be in order or if you are empty nesters a smaller, highy energy efficient model would do the job.  Full integration is a popular way to organise a laundry – out of sight, out of mind! Clever cabinetry design will ensure a clean and functional laundry.

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Outdoor kitchens have soared ahead in popularity over the last 10 years. They are a wonderful space in which to entertain. Thankfully, outdoor appliance design has also come a long way. High quality construction and a surge in the number of choices means that almost anyone can create an outdoor space to relax in. Correct care and maintenance will ensure the area can be enjoyed for many years to come.

 To talk household  appliances or to discuss any hard finish solutions, please call

Kate Walker of KWD on 0422 425 523.



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