PRODUCT IN FOCUS: Deco d’Antan by Tagina

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When you feast your eyes on these jaw dropping Italian tiles, you won’t need to look any further. Superbly manufactured Deco d’Antan by Tagina are outstanding in every way and now available through KWD.

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These stunning tiles are not simply a new collection for floors and walls but a true and real ceramic system dedicated to furnishing residential living spaces with renewed elegance. The collection is also ideal for commercial projects with a strong personality. Funky cafes and fine dining restaurants, for example, are quickly embracing the look.

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The tailor made service of KWD, in conjunction with the material from Tagina, allows the creation of your own customised mixture. It’s possible to mix decors and colours to satisfy any request. KWD is here to assist in the selection of tiles to ensure your mix is totally unique as well as complementary to the style and overall feel of your project.

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The history of Tagina plays a large role in the long standing success of the company. They are loyal to quality and the warmth of handmade manufacturing processes of ceramic tiles. The production process combines the artisan skill with the entrepreneurial spirit and the industrial organisation to obtain a product with a high technological content and realised with a keen artisan hand.

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The colour, the decors and the contrasts are the three distinctive elements of the Deco d’Antan collection, that when combined can offer a great visual lightness and compositional freedom.

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The geometrical patterns and the engraved floreal decors intensify the surface of the tiles, still smooth to the touch but a visual feast thanks to the skilful mix of the glazes and grit powder.

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The team at KWD have seen an enormous range of tiles over the years. This collection in particular has got everyone truly excited!

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Specified, sourced and supplied by Kate Walker of KWD.

If you would like more information or a quote on any these beautiful Tagina tiles or any other hard finish solutions, please call

Kate Walker at KWD on 0422 425 523.


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