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The team at KWD are constantly seeking out the most innovative products in the marketplace.  When it comes to reconstituted stone bench tops, Silestone are one of the market leaders.  KWD loves this product, and specifies it generously in many projects, from residential and commercial, to multi-national.  We do this for the following reasons:

Silestone is the only antibacterial hard finish in the marketplace

Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily hard and resilient. Silestone is also the one and only worktop made from quartz with anti-bacterial protection, giving it hygienic properties that are not to be found anywhere else on the market. It is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding particularly because there will be a minimum number of joints.

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In addition, it comes in a variety of different shades of quartz colour, offering a number of decorative possibilities from a mere kitchen top to a project for a complete set of furniture. Silestone is an investment for the future. Silestone is forever and Silestone can be specified sourced and supplied by the team at KWD.

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Silestone is stain resistant

Silestone is a non-porous surface and highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup and many other everyday products,unlike its natural stone counterparts.

Silestone is available in a wide range of colours

Silestone is available in over 60 colors, ensuring that there is a color for every style and texture for your kitchen or bathroom.

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Silestone is highly acid resistant

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world. This makes the product very durable, with a high level of resistance to external aggressions.

Silestone is scratch resistant

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world. This makes our products very durable, with a high level of resistance to external aggressions.


Silestone is impact resistant

Silestone’s high impact resistance exceeds other similar products such as granite and solid surfaces. This feature guarantees safety in your kitchen when handling hard objects (pots, pans, etc.).

This resistance is achieved thanks to its quartz hardness, its polyester resin elasticity and its vibrocompression system used during its production.

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Silestone has bacteriostatic protection

Silestone is the only brand that contains a unique bacteriostatic formula that is based on the use of latest generation silver ions to prevent the propagation of bacterias. With this formula, Silestone surfaces for kitchen and bathroom offer a protection added value.

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Specified, sourced and supplied by Kate Walker of KWD.

If you would like more information or a quote on any Silestone materials, please call

Kate Walker on 0422 425 523.



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