The last few years have had an undeniable and indelible effect on the design landscape. The global anxiety we have faced due to COVID – 19 lockdowns and travel restrictions and has now morphed into a united optimism and a longing for brighter days.

Annabel’s, London

Maximalism offers a sense of surprise and wonder, and encapsulates an adventurous and indomitable spirit that is at once nostalgic and playful. It is all about fun and celebrating life, a rebellion against drabness and conformity. Our homes are a reflection of who we are, what we love and where we have travelled, and Maximalism allows an unabandoned expression of this layered life.

Leo’s Oyster Bar, San Francisco

More is more with Maximalism, with a focus on three core elements – pattern, colour and texture. Think richly coloured and patterned wallpaper displayed on every wall, lush carpets and layered rugs, intricately designed floor tiles, and a blend of eclectic furniture. Maximalist homes are filled with treasures, curios and meaningful mementoes, coupled with artistic elements and a clash of colours.

Annabel’s, London

It’s all about layering a room to tell a story. Maximalism is tempered by a curated selection of complementing pieces, mixed patterns and sumptuous textures, carefully balanced to ensure a harmonious cacophony.

A room designed by House of Hackney in Termaton Castle. Photo: By Mark Cocksedge/Courtesy of House of Hackney

Maximalism is all about creating a layered story that is inviting and aesthetically beautiful, and represents decadence and freedom from convention. The key is striking the right balance between textures, colours and patterns, and making these elements feel personal rather than forced. Every item should be carefully curated to reflect the story of the homeowner. Editing is important to add joy and richness rather than clutter.

Consider the treatment of every wall and every window, with thoughtful paint colours and wallpaper and playful window coverings and rods. Make the floor a hero with patterned tiles and richly textured rugs. Add layers of delight with contemporary and vintage furniture, textural soft furnishings, personal collectables, and interesting artwork that create a playful but sophisticated mood.  And importantly, add feature lighting which acts as the jewellery in a room.

I love that Biscayne takes you on a journey, from the moment you open the front blue gates to walking through the pink front door. I wanted to create a sense of a resort-style lifestyle. Whilst each room has its own identity and purpose, there is a flow of cerebral links that form a seamless story.

The powder room always makes me smile, with its layers of colour and texture. The amazing Heron print wallpaper by Gucci sets the tone for the playful nature of the space. It is a glamorous realm designed to make guests feel uplifted and inspired and to give them a glimpse of the rest of the home.

The Cosmopolitan Quarzite stone, the Rosso Verona and Portgallo marble flooring, the elegant tapware and basin from The English Tapware Company and stunning lighting by Ralph Lauren and Kelly Wearstler from The Montauk Lighting Co. elevate the sensory experience.


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