behind closed doors

Walking into a home and absorbing the interior design evokes an emotive response. A visual, visceral experience, the interior is all about how a home looks and how it makes you feel. From the colour palette to the carpet, from the timber flooring to the furniture, from the artwork to the soft furnishings, it’s the textures and tones that invite ‘oohs and ahs’ of delight.

However there is so much more involved in making a home function smoothly, efficiently and worry free. It’s the hidden heroes that add to the success of a home – from the plumbing and electricity to insulation and under floor heating. Lincoln Sentry is one of the hidden heroes we work with at KWD, a well-oiled operation of professionals who work feverishly behind the scenes to provide products that make life run smoothly, without you even realising how smooth it is.

Owned by Dulux Group, Lincoln Sentry benefits from the buying power of a large corporation whilst still maintaining a close relationship with their product range and client base. There are 22 branches across Australia with more than 500 employees and five distribution centres in the major capital cities.

Explains Specification Manager Deborah Kercheval, “Everything Lincoln Sentry provides is hidden from the eye, such as drawer systems, hinges and runners. Whilst they remain largely unseen they are vital to ensuring the smooth running and functionality of doors and drawers.” Deborah has been with Lincoln Sentry for over 17 years managing client specifications for architects, designers and builders for residential, multi-residential and commercial projects. “I oversee a huge portfolio of more than 450 clients in Victoria, SA and Tasmania.”

Lincoln Sentry are distributors and suppliers to the cabinet making hardware industries. Say Deborah, “We supply cabinet makers with all the interior fit-outs for drawers, wardrobes and cabinetry from runners and hingers to lighting, lift systems and organisational systems – everything that makes cabinetry work efficiently behind the closed doors. We supply manufactures with the hardware and work with retailers who stock the range.”

Quality is what sets Lincoln Sentry apart from its competitors. Blum is one of the key brands that Lincoln Sentry works with – a large international company that manufactures their products in Austria with a lifetime warranty on their hardware. They also proud to work with Australian manufacturer Oliveri whose name is synonymous with quality sinks and tapware. Their mind-boggling number of SKUs includes handles, clips, nuts, bolts and screws, and fully integrated systems:

  • Drawer systems (hinges and runners)
  • Lift systems (for doors that open vertically)
  • Storage, bin and organisational systems for drawers

Choosing the right internal hardware for joinery is all about function. It’s such a pleasure to enjoy doors and drawers that operate smoothly and close properly and having storage systems that help you organise every room in your home. Having everything you need at your fingertips with the confidence your systems will work efficiently for a lifetime cannot be underestimated. The items that you use day in and day out – you don’t notice when they are working but you certainly do notice when they are not.

Explains Deborah, “We have worked with Kate and her team for a number of years now with a wide variety of projects including both of Kate’s own homes – Beechwood and Biscayne. With her latest project at Biscayne we worked via DMA Kitchens, liaising with Damien Arlove on bringing KWD’s designs to life. I remember meeting with the team on site when the property design was at concept stage, bringing together the Caribbean Colonial aesthetic of the home. It’s been so wonderful to see such a beautiful fusion of styles come together so successfully in a home that is even more spectacular than I imagined.”

To learn more talk about the systems that turn ordinary joinery into extraordinary joinery, talk to the KWD design team – (613) 5974 1800.


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