The key to a successful bedroom or bathroom design is creating a personality for the space that is ideal for the person or people who will be using the room. Importantly, it’s vital to ensure that the style, colours and textures are in keeping with the aesthetic of the home. This can be a challenge of course, however functionality and form can unite with careful space planning and considered design.

These principles were integrated into every aspect of Biscayne, a home that has two distinct zones separated by the central staircase.

Downstairs is all about shared living zones, and upstairs is the sleep and bathing zone for the family. Aside from the master suite which was completely transformed, the upstairs layout remain unchanged in terms of their size and position on the floor plan.

Facing towards the front of the home, Charlie’s bedroom is compact, compensated for by the ensuite bathroom. I really enjoyed playing with texture and colour to create a masculine bedroom for him, and we used some clever design hacks to create the illusion of space. By introducing layer upon layer of texture, the room opened up visually and became a really inviting and warm room where Charlie can relax and unwind.

Charlie has always loved shades of blue, so I have used various shades of blues in his bedrooms over the years, from soft blue to deep navy.

For Charlie’s Biscayne bedroom I chose a soft, muted shade that suits his more teenage sensibility. It brings serenity to the room whilst giving it the masculine edge Charlie wanted. We featured the most beautiful textural Ralph Lauren wallpaper around the room and then painted the ceiling the same colour. It’s a really simple but effective way to diffuse the boundary between wall and ceiling and it makes the room feel a lot bigger.

The ensuite is bold and really punchy. There are special touches and tones that link back to the Colonial era, like the retro shades of blue (and the blue toilet!) and the divine Fibonacci terrazzo on the floor which is so beautiful underfoot.

We worked closely with Fibonacci to create our very own lay pattern, which Henry Master Tiler executed to perfection as always. The tiles are one of my all time favourites. These Aqua Zellige tiles add gloss and shine and texture. The tone variation is perfectly imperfect and adds such dimension and detail to the ensuite bathroom.

When deciding which basin to feature in the ensuite, we discussed the various options with our friends at The English Tapware company. We really wanted a design that would make a strong and graphic statement. We decided on their beautiful Water Monopoly basin which fitted the brief and added a really masculine element to the quirky space. Charlie loves it.

Across the hallway from Charlie’s room is one of the smallest rooms in Biscayne. It was the ideal place to design a bunk room specially for my partner’s two younger children, Max and Annika, when they come and stay.

As they would be sharing a room, it needed to be super functional with plenty of storage, with space for them both to relax.

I actually found designing this room quite challenging because it can be quite difficult to make bunk beds look beautiful. So I was really delighted when we settled on a stunning colour palette of natural tones highlighted with yellow.

We layered the room with the most beautiful wallpaper, lovely fabrics and gorgeous artwork. And created an amazing study nook (which used to be a hallway) so Charlie and Max have a hideaway for their gaming gear.

Small yet perfectly formed, these bedrooms and ensuite bathroom have personality and punch whilst being comfy and serene places to rest weary heads.


  1. Where is the best place to start when planning for a kid’s bathroom?

Interviewing the child is always the first step in planning their bathroom. It’s really important to work out what they want, what they find inspiring and uplifting, and what’s going to make them happy when they’re getting ready in the morning. We want bathrooms to be uplifting for children to give them a positive start to the day.

  • How do you like to inject fun and personality into this space?

We always use the hallmarks of KWD design – texture, materiality and of course colour, in a non-confronting way. Colour is a really great place to start when designing a kid’s bathroom. If the owners are willing, I always push for colour because it’s such a great way to add individuality to a room. However if the parents are a little wary of using colour, we focus on featuring textural materials instead. If the brief is to keep the space neutral, then fun and personality can be incorporated with decorative elements like colourful artwork, bath towels, vases and plants.

  • What colour palettes do you think work well in this space?

Any colour, as long as it’s colour. We have worked with such a variety of palettes in bathrooms, from blues and greens to yellows and pinks to browns and shades of terracotta. Any colour can work as long as it suits the aesthetic of the home, and it resonates with the homeowners.

Images: Armelle Habib / Photo shoot styling: Greenhouse Interiors

A heartfelt thank you to our valued supply partners and trades who helped me bring the vision of Biscayne to life:

Rod Hannah
Lynch’s Window
The Montauk Lighting
The English Tapware
Domino Architectural
The Nursery
Gladstones Granite &
RMS Natural Stone
Morgan’s Painters and
Classic with a
The Lens
Edward Pope (artist)
Red Hill Country
CSR (Gyprock)
Whelan Airconditioning
Gregory Croxford /


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