At KWD we take great pride in designing master suites that offer a sanctuary for our clients – a private place of relaxation and respite. An escape from the world where they can be totally themselves and wind down or freshen up in peace and tranquillity. Designing my own master suite required the same ethos – the desire to create my own personal and private piece of paradise.

The original master bedroom needed a lot of consideration in terms of the space planning. A cumbersomely large room, it was very difficult to conceptualise and to decorate. I found it challenging trying to determine how to furnish the large room, and how to make it both light and bright, and cosy and cocooning.

The design solution was to divide up the space. By adding a walk-in-robe, we created three separate zones and in turn a much more manageable space with a distinct bedroom, robe and ensuite bathroom.

The bedroom was divided into a multi-functional space with a sitting zone and a sleeping zone. Both areas enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of the original fireplace that was lovingly restored. The sleeping zone is where I can relax in bed and look out at the view of the palm trees and across the bay with boats sailing in the distance.

The sitting zone is a beautiful space to read and chat, with a comfortable sofa (a custom design by Boyd Blue featuring Kelly Wearstler fabric), cushions (in Kelly Wearstler and Hermes fabrics) and a coffee table and side table (from Cromwell). A custom silk rug is layered on top of a sisal rug which was laid on top of ‘Biscayne’ European Oak flooring – all available from KWD & Co. I love the sheer curtains from Lynch’s Window Fashions that flow so gently in the soft afternoon breeze. Texture upon texture upon texture.

The master suite is layered with personal items, design books and fresh flowers, always. The masculine and feminine elements play with cerebral links to the rest of the home. The Hermes wallpaper in the toilet room links to the cushions in the master bedroom and the upholstered chairs in the dining room. The ensuite bathroom features the Amazonia natural stone as used in the kitchen, and the shower enclave features a very special custom design floor that links to the natural stone used throughout Biscayne.

The walk-in-robe and ensuite bathroom feature joinery designed by KWD that was manufactured by DMA Kitchens, with doors expertly produced by Farmers Doors. These joinery designs link to those specified for the kitchen and laundry. It’s these subtle cerebral links that make the whole home feel really well considered and highly designed.

The master suite is layered with masculine and feminine elements – mirrors, fabrics, timber and stone. It’s a really personal, private space that is ideal for winding down from the day.

To the right of the hallway (that leads past the walk-in-robe to the ensuite) is a delightful private deck that provides an ideal spot for relaxing with a cup of tea and enjoying the view of the garden and the bay beyond.

The ensuite bathroom is a masterpiece for all the senses, that connects the natural stone used throughout the home and features them in one space. I really wanted to create a room that would feel at once familiar, and that would surprise and delight.

We used the same Amazonia stone detailing for the vanity bench top and also for the skirting boards and architraves. This extravagant touch may sound a little luxurious but its these details that really add so much ‘wow’ factor to the space.

When you open up the reeded glass door to the toilet room you have the most incredible Hermes wallpaper (which was referenced in the fabric used for cushions in the bedroom and on the upholstered dining chairs).  

The reeded glass door of the shower enclave opens to a spectacular marble inlay floor. It’s a masterpiece based on a Colonial inspired ‘star’ inlaid floor. It was created by my design team, expertly made by Marble Mosaics and laid to perfection by Direct Stone – and features elements of the stunning natural stone used throughout the home, Amazonia, Bardiglio, Carrara and Nero Marquina.

We installed a Hawthorn Hill Custom Freestanding Basin and bare brass Perrin & Rowe tapware from The English Tapware company, knowing that the finish would age over time. I adore materials and patinas that get more and more beautiful with use.

I love that the master ensuite really exemplifies the Colonial flavour of the whole home. The collected pieces, the bespoke custom joinery design and hand towels, the brass detailing, the natural stone, the lighting from The Montauk Lighting Co that acts as jewellery for the walls, and the beautiful mirrors that have an antique feel. There is so much to look at and be inspired by in what is essentially a small space, with every element linking beautifully to the rest of the home and sitting perfectly within the design aesthetic.


The Wave Fireplace screen from Inventory by Rachel is fabulous – it turns a functional item into a decorative piece.


  1. Create a sanctuary that will provide a restful retreat.
  2. Layer texture and tones for a cocooning effect.
  3. If you have space, add an armchair or sofa where you can sit and relax.
  4. Add special pieces that help to make your room feel private and personal.


My favourite artwork – one that I have owned for many years now – sits above the fireplace in my master bedroom. It’s a very precious, personal piece I commissioned by Australian artist Zoe Young, and it depicts my grandma so perfectly.

Images: Armelle Habib / Photo shoot styling: Greenhouse Interiors

A heartfelt thank you to our valued supply partners and trades who helped me bring the vision of Biscayne to life:

Rod Hannah
Lynch’s Window
The Montauk Lighting
The English Tapware
Domino Architectural
The Nursery
Gladstones Granite &
RMS Natural Stone
Morgan’s Painters and
Classic with a
The Lens
Edward Pope (artist)
Red Hill Country
CSR (Gyprock)
Whelan Airconditioning
Gregory Croxford /


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