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Starting out his career as an apprentice in cabinet making, Damien Arlove worked at All Type Kitchens for 12 years learning all he could from the company’s owner. Having always been very good with his hands and with mathematics, he naturally excelled with the fine craftsman skills required for this role.

“We always worked with awesome architects and interior designers so I learned high-end quality and design from the very beginning. I was so fortunate to have worked with the team at All Type Kitchens and the goal was always for me to buy the business from the owner when he was ready to retire.” Which is exactly what Damien did two years ago, renaming the business as DMA Kitchens and relocating from Knoxfield to Carrum Downs with a focus on the Mornington Peninsula.

DMA Kitchens is now growing from strength to strength. “Our portfolio of work is expanding with some incredible architects like Neil Architecture who really pushes the boundaries, fantastic builders like Montique Construction and amazing interior designers like KWD who we love working with. I have always had a passion for cabinet making but now having taken over the business my passion has gone to a whole new level. I live and breathe it. By putting out a product that we know is 100% perfect, we can feel very comfortable in what we are creating.”

Damien has worked with KWD on several projects including King Street in Flinders. Having been engaged to work on Kate Walker’s new home, Biscayne, Damien and his team at DMA kitchens have worked really closely with the KWD team to create the best possible kitchen design.

It’s such a great group of people at KWD, I love working with Kate, Claire, Isabelle, KP and Rachael. The Biscayne kitchen design is on a whole new level, it’s something that hasn’t been seen before. It’s is seriously high end and so innovative with the lattice cabinetry doors designed by KWD in conjunction with Farmers Doors. And the incredible stone benchtop from Gladstone Granite is unlike anything I have worked with before.”

“DMA Kitchens are awesome,” says Kate. “Damien and his team are such a delight to work with. Damien’s enthusiasm and passion are palpable and it’s very exciting to work with someone who goes above and beyond. I love the way he troubleshoots our joinery designs. He builds them first in the factory so we can see the complete units before they are installed so we can iron out any possible issues. He is very solution-centric so he works closely with us on our joinery designs to make sure what we are creating is achievable and functional. We have taken his work to a new level in terms of the beautiful finishes and high end designs we have exposed him to, and in turn he has taught our team about detailed joinery construction so it is s synergistic relationship that is win-win.”

Having traditionally worked with more contemporary kitchen designs and cabinetry, DMA Kitchens finds that they are moving towards more coastal aesthetics and modern farmhouse styles that are more in keeping with the Mornington Peninsula.

Relocating from inner city Melbourne and a more urban environment to the more rural, country and coastal feel of the area means a shift in design philosophy. “Joinery is still joinery – the skills, processes and techniques required are the same. However I am personally swaying more towards the design vibe on the Mornington Peninsula.”

When choosing which cabinet maker to engage for your new build or renovation, it’s so important to choose a team backed by years of experience, accredited qualifications and a passion for achieving the best possible result. And that’s why KWD has chosen Damien Arlove and DMA Kitchens – not just for kitchens, but for TV and wall unit joinery, bathrooms and laundries.


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