Whilst KWD specialises in all things hard finishes for interiors, landscaping design is increasingly becoming a significant part of the complete project design.

Explains Kate, “The landscaping of the property is so important. I feel really strongly about bringing the outside in, and I always recommend that our clients leave money in their budget for their landscaping design. For me, the house starts at the front fence, not at the front door, and people get a feeling, even from the nature strip, about what they are going to experience when they come in to your home.  The outdoors is an extension of the indoors.”

It has been our pleasure to work closely with Heath Blair of Plume Studio. He and his team have worked on the most extraordinary landscape projects all over Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Explains Heath,“Good landscaping creates a connectivity between indoor and outdoor and activates the whole site. Every part of a landscaped space creates a context that speaks to the occupants of the property be it a family or an individual, and also provides an immediate visual identity.

“The Plume Studio team works in a way that is very site and brief specific. The narrative of the client and what they want to achieve is paramount to the design and we love going along on the journey with them. Working to achieve our client’s vision and being nimble and adaptable to get the right result is only possible by working side by side in a very collaborative way.”

“Landscape design at the moment sees an emphasis on stone with a very monolithic approach. In terms of planting, very stylised, textural rambunctious forms are popular – moving away from the more clean, traditional look. A seasonal approach to landscape design is definitely favoured,” says Heath.

And with Spring finally here, we thought we would chat to Heath about this special time for our gardens.

KWD: What is so special about Spring in terms of landscape design?

PL: Spring is one of my favourite seasons. It’s all about new beginnings and growth. It’s a beautiful thing to see a garden come to life after the dormant winter period. There’s a fluidity that leads onto the warmth of summer and with that comes renewed hope.

KWD: What are the key aspects to take care of in your garden in Spring?

PL: Keeping on top of garden maintenance is always important, but Spring is the time to plant and mulch. You’re going to get plenty of rain and plenty of sunshine so it’s the perfect time to be in the garden.

KWD: What should we be doing right now for our gardens?

PL: Right now you should be weeding those overgrown garden beds and doing your lawn maintenance – throw some seed and sand across the patchy areas on your lawn to bring them back to life. Make sure you get all your ground preparation done with blood and bone and mulch, then simply plant and watch your garden evolve.

KWD: What are your favourite varieties to plant in Spring?

PL: Spring is the ideal time for planting perennials. When I think of Spring I think of big Echinaceas, I think of Salvia, Russian Sage – those herbaceous perennials that come to life with blossoms and attract bees and butterflies to fill your garden with colour.

Heath Blair: 0422 041 225




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