KWD’s design ethos is that for every dollar you put into a design project you want to get two dollars back, and you want to spend money on what you should, not where you shouldn’t. For me I believe in spending more money on the hard finishes – the things you touch and feel.

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At KWD we are quite anti creating big spaces. We believe in creating a home that brings a family together rather than creating spaces where they are forced away from each other. Making spaces more beautiful and more practical and finishing a property in the best possible way within a clients’ budget is what drives us. To me more expensive is not necessarily better. I know how to save money and where to spend it. Creating intimate spaces where clients can have meaningful interactions is what KWD is all about. We’re not about designing mansions, we’re about families being together and communicating and creating those really functional spaces whilst catering to today’s lifestyle demands. And this is exactly what we created in Beechwood.

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Whilst the space planning and visual appeal of a home are of the utmost importance, so is the functionality of the space. Quite often the key components of this functionality is behind the scenes. Apart from the actual frame of the home, and the insulation, the plasterboarding and the painting, there are so many hidden heroes. The plumbing that is safely ensconced behind the walls is vital for servicing the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.  The hidden electrical wiring ensures every room is lit in exactly the right way, that appliances operate safely and that any home automation facilities function smoothly. And the heating and cooling systems keep a home warm in winter and cool in summer.

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For the climate control at Beechwood we worked closely with Lee Williams from Whelan Airconditioning to ensure we had the most effective heating and cooling system that was hidden from view.

Explains Lee, “For Beechwood, the brief was to specify a first class quality reverse cycle airconditioning system. Being Daikon dealers we knew we had the perfect option that we could install and conceal. The beauty of the streamlined system we selected is that it’s all hidden in the ceiling, and the only elements you can see internally are the grills. The condenser is positioned discreetly outside. We separated the systems into two zones (with two thermostats and two controllers) to maximise the heating and cooling flexibility between the living areas and the bedrooms. They operate totally independently. The key when engaging a company to install an airconditioning system is to select someone who has years of experience. Getting the right advice is so important, and there is no substitute for experience.”

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One of the most important parts of the whole build, emotionally, physically and mentally, was being able to move into a clean home. When I knew the time was coming to move into Beechwood, the process was looming in my mind as an insurmountable task for so many reasons. My main fear as the day grew closer was moving into a house that was filthy with dirt and grime and dust everywhere.


I had heard wonderful reports about the work of MP Builders Clean so I decided to engage them, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have made. I am so very grateful for their flexibility, for their attention to detail, for the way they worked around the trades who were still on site and for being so kind and friendly to everyone. The all-women team were incredible, and the fact that they only use natural cleaning products really resonated with me.


They cleaned Beechwood to perfection and made my life (and the lives of everyone around me) so much easier. They lifted such a weight off my shoulders. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

So here’s to the hidden heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring a property to life, and to make a space as functional as it is beautiful.

To all of our amazing supply partners, a heartfelt thank you for your time, your expertise, your effort and the quality of your products and services.

WKH Architects
Lynch’s Window Fashions
National Tiles
Sub-Zero & Wolf
Domino Architectural Fittings
3D Windows & Doors
Gladstone Granite
Earp Brothers
Sorrento Furniture
The English Tapware Co
Luxe By Design
The Montauk Lighting Co
King Brown Contractors
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Henry Tiler
Red Hill Gates
O’Halloran Electrics
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Hepburn Hardware
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Whelan Airconditioning
Mornington Peninsula Builders Clean


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