At KWD we have formed valuable relationships with our supply partners who work closely with specialised manufacturers. As a result we have now developed our very own KWD range of rugs that are made to order. Created by Indian artisans whose skills have been handed down from generation to generation, these rugs are exceptional – both in terms of the quality and the design. There are literally hundreds of template designs to choose from that come in a range of exotic and muted colour tones, so you can select the design that is perfect for you – like selecting a piece of artwork.

A KWD rug is a masterpiece for your floor. Custom designed and hand-made to reflect your home, your style and your decor, KWD rugs are designed to last a lifetime. Hand-knotted to order by the finest craftsmen using age old traditions, these beautiful pieces are made from the most luxurious art silk fibres, linen, bamboo silk and pure New Zealand wool. The 120 knot design (with up to 11 carefully selected colours) can take from 120 days to six months to hand-make.  Original, and unique to you.


We are also delighted to offer our clients the opportunity to create a bespoke hand-tufted rug. We work closely with our clients who have found a particular pattern they like and we can have that design traced onto a template to create a very special, totally unique rug. These designs aren’t as intricate as the hand-knotted designs which are a flat weave, however  they are very textured with a thick 20mm or 30mm pile of pure New Zealand wool.

Creating your very own hand-knotted or hand-tufted rug is an exciting and simple process. For the hand-knotted range, you simply select the design that speaks to you and we arrange to have this hand-made to order. With the hand-tufted rugs, we work together to find the perfect design (which can be from a book or a piece of clothing or a drawing) and select up to 12 colours that will complement your décor and your lifestyle. The colours are carefully selected from a universal ARS colour palette and hand tufted using pure wool.


These incredible rugs, both hand-knotted and hand-tufted, are available in any size of your choosing, indeed some have been as large a 12m x 5m.  It all depends on the space you want the rug for, and what your budget is.

Our KWD Studio window proudly displays a selection of hand-knotted rug samples, carefully curated by KWD’s Creative Director, Carlo Romanin. Explains Carlo, “The whole idea behind the window was to create an environment where we were showcasing a product in a different way. The KWD Rug range is spectacular, so we didn’t want to show it in its traditional form which is only on the floor. The story deserved something that was a bit more dynamic.”

KWD window


“So we decided to showcase one of the rugs in a more unique way, and that’s how the mannequin concept was formed. It was a challenge as we had to select a rug that would wrap beautifully around the mannequin’s shape as well as cascading elegantly and falling naturally like a gown. We really wanted to evoke the feeling of glamour that a gown can create and feature a rug in a different way – as fashion for the floor.”


“KWD looks at all products beyond just wearability, price and aesthetic value, we view products for their fashion value and how can we use a product differently – using floor tiles on a wall or timber on a ceiling or carpet as a piece of artwork on a wall. We invite our clients to question traditional forms and explore new possibilities. We love pushing the boundaries of design.”


Adds Kate Walker, “We are also thrilled to be working on an exciting collaboration and we can’t wait to present this beautiful new range to our clients. We are designing a range of rugs unique to KWD, using wool, silk, tencel and sisal in a range of custom sizes and colours.”


“So much thought and care is going into the design of this beautiful range of rugs, and importantly where and how these rugs are manufactured. We are working with incredible partners who value sustainable and ethical trade, something that is such an significant consideration for KWD.”


For more information on the KWD Rug range contact the KWD team on (03) 5974 1800.


Thank you to Carlo Romanin of Romanin Design and Jackie from The Sorrento Stylist.

Window images by Jane Robins at Janey Photo.




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