TREND ALERT: Herringbone Timber






At KWD we love timber.  For floors, for walls, for ceilings.  We also love being innovative and creative with hard finishes, and Herringbone sure ticks all the boxes when it comes to taking a space to a whole new level.

Herringbone (or chevron) is a timeless pattern that adds a sophisticated aesthetic in any space.  We love the strong, yet comforting geometric lines and the patterns they create. You can achieve such a diverse range of looks – from traditional, classic and  opulent aesthetics to luxurious chic and contemporary designs.

You can incorporate any shade or tone of timber, Alpine white looks just as effective as deep mahogany or even black.  You can create a completely different design aesthetic to create the special look you are aiming to achieve,  It may be cost a bit more because of added labour costs, but the results sure are worth it.











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