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At KWD, we love working with The English Tapware Company. Not only are they experts when it comes to the very best in tapware, door furniture, basins, baths and sanitary-ware, their customer service is first class. That’s why they are our go-to choice when it comes to selecting the highest quality and most functional of these products for our design projects.ET1

Choosing new kitchen and bathroom tapware, and all the associated hardware essentials, can be a daunting task. And their importance cannot be understated. Think about how often you use your kitchen tap each day, and how many times you open your cutlery drawer or turn a door knob. Add to that the use of the toilet, the bath, the shower, the basin, the sink. You get the idea. A LOT! So not only do these items have to look good, and suit your household’s lifestyle, and the style of your home (and budget) – they need to work like a dream, all day, every day.


What makes The English Tapware Company so special is that they offer both a classic and a contemporary range. And the contemporary collection isn’t so modern that it will date. It’s classic contemporary. It is so important to choose tapware and door furniture that won’t date your property, because it is often the first sign that identifies the design style of the home. They are the exclusive importers of Perrin & Rowe, Hawthorn Hill, Frank Allart and Armac Martin, all of which are produced by English craftsmen who have a passion for authentic design, quality and durability.


Where appropriate KWD specifies Acquello fireclay sinks, which are the finest in Italian ceramic workmanship and have such a timeless classical design.


And Kate is mad about having fresh flowers everywhere (as you can see from her Instagram posts) so she always recommends the spray rinse tap. The stylish Perrin & Rowe’s spray rinse kitchen tap is perfect for filling vases, and for washing large pots and chopping boards.

When it comes to baths, KWD adores the Victoria & Albert baths, they are truly sublime and are available in an amazing number of different styles from classic to contemporary. These free standing baths, with coordinating basins, really are a statement in quality and style.  They are made from 100% QUARRYCAST® which is a blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins to maintain the radiant heat of the bath.

For tapware, you really can’t beat Perrin & Rowe kitchen taps. They are specified by top designers and architects around the world, for both modern and traditional style kitchens. Beautifully made, every tap is built to last the lifetime of the kitchen and is machined from high quality brass by computer controlled lathes, hand polished, electroplated, assembled and rigorously tested. They deliver what they promise – style, function & engineering excellence, featuring hard-wearing ceramic, quarter-turn valves for a smooth on/off action and fitted with aerators for a softer, splash-free flow of water. All spouts swivel and reach perfectly over even the largest double fireclay butler or stainless-steel sinks.

We are so excited about the new Mayan tapware range released by The English Tapware Company this week in Australia. The Mayans are the perfect marriage of simplicity and timeless design.  From Industrial Chic to Hamptons style, the collection sits comfortably in the kitchen, bathrooms and the laundry. We can’t wait to specify these for one of our new design projects.

The other wonderful thing is that there are so many finishes to choose from. So while tapware and door furniture are  practical items that you can’t live without, they are also a vital design element in the home. Choosing the right style of tap or door knob, in the right finish, can take your design to new heights. The finish of the tapware and door furniture needs to co-ordinate harmoniously with your appliances and joinery.

So once you have you decided on a tap style, you can select the finishes. There are so many finishes for the tapware and hardware that you really need to spend a good few hours in The English Tapware Company’s showroom looking at the complete range, ideally working through the selection with KWD’s James Buddle who knows the range inside out and back to front. Or meet with David who is based in the company’s Armadale showroom. He’s a door furniture and window furniture specialist. We often team up with him to make the most of his expertise. It is a complicated process so we recommend that the architect working on the build gives  his drawings directly to David to work out hardware is required.


  • Chrome can work in a classic or contemporary style with its shiny finish.


  • Polished Nickel has a shiny finish with a golden glow that develops an aged patina over time. In a similar way to silverware, an occasional polish will restore its original gleam.


  • Pewter has a brushed or satin nickel finish which perfectly complements stainless steel sinks and appliances.


  • The Gold finish is 24 carat gold, a luxurious look that maintains its shine and lustre.


  • English Bronze has a rich, satin, chocolate finish and creates a bold, distinctive look that is both classic and rustic.


  • Polished Brass matures over time to develop a patina and unique character reminiscent of old brassware. Ideal for outdoor kitchens & shower areas, particularly in coastal areas, the uncoated, high quality brass develops a golden patina which complements natural coastal elements and organic stones like granite, marble and limestone.


  • Satin Brass is an uncoated brass product that is hand buffed to a satin finish. This tone celebrates the warm and tactile raw material, responding to the environment by developing a rustic feel without losing any functionality.  The resulting patina gives a beautiful and ageless look.

Pendant 45 In Situ 1

The English Tapware Company also offers a signature range of lighting by David Moreland Design, a New Zealand studio that produces high quality, innovative furniture and lighting solutions. Their Pendant 45 light is available in polished spun Copper or Brass and powder coated spun aluminium in grey, yellow, white and black. We love their stylish simplicity.

KWD is a big fan of The English Tapware Company. There’s something for everyone no matter what the project is, and their service is exceptional. Whether their tapware is specified throughout the property, or just in a key area like the kitchen, we know that our clients will never be disappointed. We love that The English Tapware Company is consistent in its supply and service – with all the projects we have specified we have never had call back with a quality issue. There is no substitute for quality.

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