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Want the look of timber without the maintenance that timber attracts?  Timber look tiles may just be your answer.  Modern tile manufacturing techniques have come so far in recent years, particularly with digital print technology.  The main benefactor of this technology is the evolution of the Timber Look tile.  Timber look tiles bring the natural fascination of wood to contemporary venues.

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With the aid of modern technology, you can obtain beautiful timber look porcelain tiles that will look and feel just like true wood without all the hassle and expense that comes with timber.   Additionally, timber look tiles increase the scope of where ‘timber’ can be used in interiors, like wet areas, for example.  Traditionally, timber has not been an option for bathroom finishes, however timber look tiles give all of the aesthetics of timber, however, are a practical solution, being stable in a wet environment.

Formworks Ash Natural (CERFL1100)

As all timber look tiles come with a range of faces to replicate the variation you get in natural timber, we can tile your entire room without you being able to see the same tile twice.

Taiga Sommer (REXFL1000)

What’s more, there is no need for these wood-look tiles to be sealed or treated and it will not be easily damaged by moisture and spills, as traditional timber floors are known to be. This allows you to have the look of timber flooring indoor or outdoor with a fraction of the maintenance. In essence, once the tiles are laid, the only maintenance schedule is regular cleaning.  No sealing, so staining, no sanding, no polishing.


At KWD we stock both top of the range Italian timber look tiles from between $60 – $100 per square metre, as well as the less expensive Chinese porcelain timber look tiles from around $35 per square metre. Whatever your budget may be, these porcelain substitutes for wooden floorboards are a great option to make the most of the benefits of a porcelain tile with the look of beautiful timber flooring.

Taiga Sommer (REXFL1000   Taiga Var (REXFL1010)

At Kate Walker Design, due to the practicality and appeal of timber look tiles; we think that this new trend is perfect for your indoor and outdoor floors of elegant venues and up-to-date design spaces.

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