Product Maintenance: Caring For Bluestone/Basalt


On a daily basis we at Kate Walker Design are asked for information regarding the safest products and procedures to correctly care for natural stone, and in particular, the very popular material, bluestone/basalt. Bluestone and basalt generally require the same products and procedures for cleaning protection and maintenance, however, as many varieties of these materials are imported they can react differently depending on their origins. At KWD we take a simple approach to the care of bluestone and basalt with a few simple rules including the use of Lithofin’s natural stone specific ‘MN’ products.


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Honed and Polished Bluestone:

Note: Even though Bluestone and basalt are extremely durable with a fine finish they are sensitive to acidic cleaners and at times solvent based sealers. The use of incorrect products can alter the composition of the stone surface causing damage that may require mechanical treatment to resolve. Only use stone specific products on these materials as acidic, corrosive and abrasive products will damage the composition of the stone surface.

1.   Cleaning prior to pre-sealing: if cleaning is required use Lithofin MN Power-Clean for a thorough clean without effecting the composition of the stone surface.


2. Pre-sealing: one light application of water-based Lithofin Stain-Stop will prevent the penetration of the moisture from grout, (solvent based sealers may slightly darken the material).


3. Whilst grouting sponge off all the grout residues before they cure. Grout the entire tile surface area to prevent picture framing which occurs when grout is only applied to the grout lines.

4. Sealing: once the grout has cured reapply Lithofin Stain-Stop with a wet-on-wet application to reseal the tiles and the gout lines.

5. Maintenance: regularly clean and maintain with Lithofin MN Easy-Care and when a thorough clean is required use Lithofin MN Power-Clean.


Sawn/Textured finished bluestone:

Note: Bluestone and basalt with a textured finishes do not show slight alterations in the surface and therefor can be treated without much concern. After a period of time these materials will create their own patina and are easier to maintain as they are used externally.

1.      Whilst grouting sponge off most of the grout residues.

2.      Preparation for sealing: once the grout is cured clean away grout residues and builders dirt with Lithofin MN Builders-Clean.

3.      Sealing: use Lithofin MN Stain-Stop to prevent the penetration of water, oil, grease and general dirt without altering the materials appearance.

4.      Maintenance: when required irregularly clean with Lithofin MN Power-Clean.

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Thank you to our partners at Lithofin for providing technical information for this blog.

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